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Made With Love Designs

Cathy Capito’s trailblazing craftsmanship is exemplified in the Made With Love design, which seamlessly contours to the wrist and becomes one with the body.

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Ladies wearing bracelets made with love

Cathy Gives Love to First Responders

Cathy goes to hospitals, police stations, and anywhere else our first responders are, and gives them kindness and love by giving them her bracelets. She took up beading as a way to keep herself sane during the Covid-19 lockdown, and it turned into a way to show her appreciation for those who keep us safe from the pandemic.

Cathy needs your support to continue as this has gotten a little pricey. Cathy’s pledge to you is: for every five bracelets sold, she will give one bracelet made with love to another first responder.

This is not for profit. Sales cover the cost of materials only.


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